The report terminated with error:
REP-498: The number of columns selected by the query is incompatible with the report definition.

This time is the reports error. If you happened to worked on reports long enough, this might seem familiar.
Well, when there is a bad habit of using “select *”, we cannot expect the reports to reanalyze the object when there is a structural change.

For example, when I add a column on the table, then re-running the reports might fail with this error.
You will need to explicitly mention the column name on the reports.


The Analyst Way

Recently, i have just returned to my old post. During this transition period, amazingly there are lots of issues happening on client side. It can be 4-5 issues each day. im talking about production issues where you cannot leave in peace until remedies were introduced to the application. And amazingly, this is a bank with 65K employees worldwide. But i dont want to talk about the issue right now. Please.

Something interesting happening though, which i thougt i will pass this along.

On my days as a freshman, when someone raise an application issue, ill just ask for error message, and then dig into the codes quickly just to find out this is caused by ABC hence it is showing XYZ. But now i am experiencing what my seniors told me before..such as :

– dont just jump to conclusion, understand the input and output of the action (programs, triggers, you name it) and how does it look on the data(base)
-isolate the problem first, MOST of the times the error is just a symptom of the root cause
-try to look the action from the accounting perspective (this is relevant when the action is economic i.e change of payment date, tenor, etc)
-ask BASIC questions.. has this issue happened before, is the user doing it the right way (internship on 1st day? doh!), do we have the reports to support what have been said by the user, etc
-if you have framework analysis that will be great.. but dont ask all from your list of questions.. with more exercise you will be able to accurately isolate the issue using (fairly) few questions.

Let see if i can manage this unconciously (read:auto habit mode). cheers.



Miracle Still Happens

Title		: Mujizat Masih Ada
Song & Lyric	: Niko Njotorahardjo & Welyar Kauntu
Tuhan Engkau ajaib bagiku
F                Dm           Gm  C
Tak ada yang tak mungkin bagi-Mu
Kau yang telah berfirman
Dm           Bb
dan semuanya jadi
Gm               C      F
Tuhan Engkau ajaib bagiku
Sungguh kupercaya
Am              Dm
Tiada yang mustahil
Gm              C            F
Mujizat masih ada dalam hidupku
Sembuhkan sakitku
Am           Dm
Pulihkan jiwaku
Gm            C        F
Mujizat masih ada dalamku

How to Recognize DML Origins within Table

Pernahkah anda mengalami kondisi dimana nilai pada suatu kolom di Table X berubah tanpa sepengetahuan kita, atau, dengan kata lain, kita tidak tahu SQL Object (Packages, Function, etc) yang melakukan DML terhadap Table X?

Berikut ini contoh untuk memonitornya menggunakan bantuan trigger.. (kasus DML Update)

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER <schema>.<trigger_name>
 BEFORE UPDATE OF <nama_kolom_yg_mau_dimonitor>
 ON <schema>.<nama_table>
 vchstr      VARCHAR2 (32767);
 FOR arec IN (SELECT USER, program, machine, obj.object_name,sq.sql_text
 FROM v$session s,
 v$sql sq
 ,dba_objects obj
 WHERE s.audsid = USERENV ('sessionid')
 AND sq.sql_id = s.sql_id
 and obj.object_id = sq.program_id)
 vchstr :=
 || TRIM (arec.USER)
 || '_PROG:'
 || TRIM (arec.program)
 || '_@:'
 || TRIM (arec.object_name)
 || '@SQL:'
 || TRIM (arec.sql_text);

 <panggil program untuk menulis VCHSTR ke dalam log table>

 -- Consider logging the error and then re-raise

That’s it. Hope it helps..


Coffee House – SY’s Cafe Staff

Recently watched Coffee House, a Korean drama aired on SBS.
The story quite amusing, simply entertaining..
But, I wonder who she is? not listed on the additional cast..
i think she appeared on more than 3 episodes.. isn’it weird not to have a credit?


Today is 好的天

Well, finally have some time to write again. i think it’s true that some event, or some ideas you don’t write, it becomes blurry, and in the matter of no time, i happened to lost it. Just the feeling remains, that it was a good ideas or so. But the idea itself hardly comes back again.
However, like i said, today is a good day, and so are the other days.
Because our Lord Jesus made the day.
Because of Him there is tomorrow.

Recent news, the northern Jakarta is having issues.. about the rising sea-level. RE Martadinata already went down (half). Now it is Muara Angke’s fish market. What’s next? dunno. The expert says many areas of North Jakarta will be filled with water in 2050. Hmm.. i think it might be tough for the property agent.

So, did i say it is a good day? something is awry? Well, not really. for me, everyday is mercy. me, a daily sinner, to have a priviledge to worship Him, to experience Him, to have His blessings, guidance, forgiveness, love, and many more. Isn’t it called grace? Even He gave His blood to bought me, so i become His. many thanks Lord.

Anyway, the second coming is getting nearer by day. It is not easy to believe that Lord Jesus will coming shortly. Many will mock, or say, “So? what about that?”. me too. at first i said, is it possible, i mean, in 5 years from now or less? but, seeing the world today, and hearing the prophetic messages from around the world,  i have to admit that the time is near, but still, nobody cannot tell the exact time. (Matthew 24:36)

What we can do about it ? obviously this talks about holiness. (Hebrew 12:14)
How to be “holy” ? first, have faith in Lord Jesus. second, absolutely need His Holy Spirit. third, get yourself to be lead by Holy Spirit, and dont forget to read the bible.

Have a good day, GBU.


Cek Pulsa Via SW Modem

Tutorial Cek Pulsa Sierra Wireless 885 lewat HyperTerminal :

1. Cari tahu koneksi modem lewat COM berapa (Caranya lewat Device Manager -> Port)
2. Pastikan tidak ada program yang menggunakan modem tersebut
3. Buka Hyperterminal, lakukan koneksi ke COM yang didapat tadi, (SEMBARI NYALAKAN SIERRA WIRELESS WATCHER, JGN DICONNECT)
4. Dalam keadaan transparan / invisible, ketik ATE1 <enter>(agar perintah bisa terlihat)
5. Sekarang ketikan sudah bisa terlihat.
6. Ketik AT+CFUN=1 (untuk turn on modem dan cari sinyal -> optional)
7. Ketik AT+CUSD=1,kode_cek_pulsa,15
8. Untuk mematikan modem ketik, AT+CFUN=0 atau close saja hyper terminal nya

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