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WebTools Buat Ngerjain PR Anak Sekolah


Beh.. ini dia nih.. kenapa ga munculnya pas gw lagi sekolah.. macam mana ini teknologi.. apa kata dunia? Webtool ini disebut computational knowledge engine.. sesuai julukannya, bisa dipastikan tool nya cerdas..

Kalo dulu ada yang pernah make Mathematica, nah ini versi gratisannya.. namanya Wolfram Alpha.. diambil dari nama creator nya yaitu Mr.Stephen Wolfram. Kalau ditanya, kumplit apa kagak, ya tergantung pesennya, tadi pake pangsit apa bukan.. loh2.. kok jadi ngelantur..

Anyway, dalam waktu dekat kayanya bakal sering ke sini buat nambah2 ilmu.. buat nemenin Engkoh Gugel.. dan buat menuh-menuhin bandwidth nya Wolfram..


Jean Sibelius Nite

Jussi Makkonen and friends

Jussi Makkonen and friends

From last tuesday report 😀

Unfortunately, because of traffic jam, i arrived there a little late, and missed 2 songs played. But, after got in, i realized that Jussi and Rait Karm have arranged the Sibelius piece very well (I wonder how long it takes to prepare that). The room is full, mostly of expats. I think some of them are from Finland embassy (overconfidence mode on).

My favorite songs are Romance opus 24 no.9 and the last song played, Finlandia. Their expression and technique are unbelievable, as expected from Master of Music. After the scheduled performance, they played a bonus song, which origins from Estonia. When everybody went off, i saw five corps diplomat cars coming out but i have no idea what country flag it is.

Again, two thumbs up for Erasmus “acoustic room” for the great sound setup. In my opinion, this room audio design is among Jakarta’s top notch.

Lets wait for the next event … shall we ?

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