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The Greatest Love

Talks about the greatest love, Jesus Christ.

Black and white image by Yorris Handoko.
Edited by Yuds.
This image can be used freely. Please do not remove the signature.

Another image, saying that praying must greater than playing.

Pray More Play Less

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  • ISIS claims terror attack, overshadowing Taliban violence July 24, 2016
    ISIS is claiming responsibility for killing dozens of people during a peaceful demonstration by a minority group in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday.
  • Video shows moment of blast July 23, 2016
    ISIS is claiming responsibility for killing dozens of people and wounding more than 200 during a peaceful demonstration in Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • Rescue workers rush to scene of attack July 23, 2016
  • ISIS goes global: More than 125 attacks in 27 countries July 15, 2016
    Since declaring its caliphate in June 2014, the self-proclaimed Islamic State has conducted or inspired more than 125 terrorist attacks in 27 countries other than Iraq and Syria, where its carnage has taken a much deadlier toll. Those attacks have killed at least 1,767 people and injured thousands more.
  • Prince George photos turns 3 July 22, 2016
    Prince George, Britain's future king, is celebrating his third birthday Friday -- and new series of adorable photos of the young royal have been released by Kensington Palace to mark the occasion.


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