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The Greatest Love

Talks about the greatest love, Jesus Christ.

Black and white image by Yorris Handoko.
Edited by Yuds.
This image can be used freely. Please do not remove the signature.

Another image, saying that praying must greater than playing.

Pray More Play Less

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  • Investigators seek clues on co-pilot's background March 28, 2015
    Investigators are working to piece together the secret life of Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who officials say was hiding an illness from his employers.
  • Ripped doctor's letter found in co-pilot's trash March 27, 2015
    Notes found in the home of the co-pilot suspected in this week's crash suggest he "kept his illness secret" and a doctor had declared him "unfit to work," a prosecutor said. FULL STORY
  • How to guard against the threat from pilots March 27, 2015
    Since the September 11 hijackings 14 years ago, improvements to aviation security have had a strong focus on keeping intruders out of the cockpit.
  • 8-minute descent to death March 26, 2015
    For the 150 people on board Germanwings Flight 9525, they were the last eight minutes of their lives.
  • Your 6 key plane crash questions answered March 27, 2015
    When we asked our viewers to tweet their questions about the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, we received hundreds of responses. We put them to our experts and here are answers to six of the most interesting ones.


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