Today is 好的天

Well, finally have some time to write again. i think it’s true that some event, or some ideas you don’t write, it becomes blurry, and in the matter of no time, i happened to lost it. Just the feeling remains, that it was a good ideas or so. But the idea itself hardly comes back again.
However, like i said, today is a good day, and so are the other days.
Because our Lord Jesus made the day.
Because of Him there is tomorrow.

Recent news, the northern Jakarta is having issues.. about the rising sea-level. RE Martadinata already went down (half). Now it is Muara Angke’s fish market. What’s next? dunno. The expert says many areas of North Jakarta will be filled with water in 2050. Hmm.. i think it might be tough for the property agent.

So, did i say it is a good day? something is awry? Well, not really. for me, everyday is mercy. me, a daily sinner, to have a priviledge to worship Him, to experience Him, to have His blessings, guidance, forgiveness, love, and many more. Isn’t it called grace? Even He gave His blood to bought me, so i become His. many thanks Lord.

Anyway, the second coming is getting nearer by day. It is not easy to believe that Lord Jesus will coming shortly. Many will mock, or say, “So? what about that?”. me too. at first i said, is it possible, i mean, in 5 years from now or less? but, seeing the world today, and hearing the prophetic messages from around the world,  i have to admit that the time is near, but still, nobody cannot tell the exact time. (Matthew 24:36)

What we can do about it ? obviously this talks about holiness. (Hebrew 12:14)
How to be “holy” ? first, have faith in Lord Jesus. second, absolutely need His Holy Spirit. third, get yourself to be lead by Holy Spirit, and dont forget to read the bible.

Have a good day, GBU.


1 Response to “Today is 好的天”

  1. September 28, 2010 at 4:30 am

    Quoted from Pastor Niko (hmministry.com) :
    Sebab kalau kita pelajari, sebenarnya Alkitab terdiri atas 3 bagian, yaitu :

    a. 50% tentang sejarah umat manusia

    b. 22% tentang petunjuk bagaimana kita harus hidup di masa kini dan bagaimana cara kita memperlakukan orang lain, dan

    c. 28% tentang nubuatan-nubuatan

    Cara2 untuk menjalani kehidupan ini terletak di poin (b), yang bisa anda dapatkan di toko alkitab terdekat, SABDA.org, atau cara2 halal lainnya :D.

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