Nite Sale @ PIM

It’s time to write!
Now i want to write about this last week hype. This two-days event surely attracted many shopmanias, mostly from Jakarta, but i see some D-XXXX car number.. which probably means the ads go as far as Bandung. Well, let us start the main menu.. shall we?

Before the show time starts at 21.00, i was on north skywalk, looking at the crowd taking positions. Almost every stands covered by a sort-of-police-line to keep the people going in. Seeing this, i just wonder.. if  only they have this kind of excitement while working, helping others or any good things. I mean, the price is not that cheap.. still above the market price for average items. Maybe because it is shoes? I dont know.

Microsoft is doing well selling Seven. They got the best spot, on the center of PIM2. Many people buy this new operating system.. which includes one Windows Seven T-Shirt. Are they buying the shirt or the OS?
After looking here and there, i found “maybe” worthy-things on Metro. Some good towels took about 40k rupiahs. Even you can get two for 70k. Pillows also saved a 30-50% on average. Some books at Gramedia saved 20%.

In the end, i found a hotel-interior-book at Periplus, the price in US about 30 something, sold at 99k rupiahs. That’s the quick-short-report about the event. Anyway, the good part is, PIM is one of the best place to hang out, and to looking-looking around :).



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